December 20, 2017

For Chia Pet, Online Video = Year-Round Growth

The Chia Pet has been a holiday gift-giving staple – and a pop culture phenomenon – since the late 70’s. Its simplicity and infectious charm continue to win hearts as new Chia Pet models are rolled out to capitalize on the trends, people, and characters that are being talked about today. It’s this brilliant marketing strategy that has kept Chia Pets selling, and kept the product relevant to a new generation of fans.

For most of the brand’s history, both sales and sales advertising were only active during the holiday months. Chia Pets that were licensed merchandise for other brands were no different. In 2017 however, the film “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” was released in May, and the character Groot’s Chia Pet was sure to be a big seller. So, Chia Pet turned to online videos and social media. “Social media was a different world for us,” said Janet Scott, Traffic and Production Manager for Chia Pet’s creative agency Joseph Pedott Advertising, “more advanced and dynamic than what we’d done before.”

Chia Pet uses Westworks Studios to produce top-quality video spots for delivery to both broadcast and digital destinations, so it was easy to incorporate a great new ad outside of the company’s traditional promotional calendar.


Staying in creative sync is key

“I love working with Matt (Small) and the Westworks team because whatever I need, whenever I need it, they’re always really easy to work with,” says Scott. “I can give a little info on what I want, and they come up with something creative, right away. I can go with other production companies, but it’s sometimes hard for companies to really grasp our marketing approach.  Westworks Studios just gets things ready almost immediately. It’s a big help for me. If I have someone I can partner with like that, it’s one thing I can cross off my list.”

Another great example of this alignment is the creative direction for the Bob Ross Chia Pet – a runaway best seller that capitalizes on the famous artist’s equally famous hair:

The response from customers has exceeded expectations. The Bob Ross Chia actually sold out 24 hours after the video’s release on Facebook – and the company has brought an additional big-box retailer on board to further improve holiday sales. For the holiday season, the team produced a broadcast commercial that has aired across the United States and Canada showcasing the Groot and Bob Ross Chia Pets, as well as the new Create Your Own Emoji Chia Pet.

“Working with Westworks Studios has really helped us expand our Marketing beyond the holiday season, and on to social platforms.”