March 24, 2015

Why rent a studio?

by: Todd Smoots
Senior Production Manager

A successful video production can rely heavily on your ability to control variables. The more variables you can control, the more efficiently you can work, the better your final product will be, and the less stress you cause yourself and your client. All of this leads to a higher quality production and a better reputation in the marketplace.

If you have created videos for any length of time, you know that anything that can go wrong eventually will. It’s the reason videographers travel with ten extra camera batteries, more lighting gear than the average shoot requires, and miles of stingers. And yet, with each shoot, they may learn they still don’t have enough equipment or find themselves wishing they could have controlled the location a little better.

Location shooting is sometimes the only option. But when it’s not, why risk your entire production on variables you cannot control? Consider the following issues you immediately resolve when you rent a studio for your video production:

A professional, commercial video studio includes everything you could possibly need, right at your fingertips. No running back and forth to the truck, hauling expensive gear, or wondering if you brought the things you’ll need for the shoot. Lighting on dimmers, flags, c-stands and other grip equipment, ladders and lifts are all available on site.

Controlled Environment
There are no surprises in the studio. You know what to expect and don’t have to spend time in post eliminating reflections, controlling stray or ambient light, or figuring out how to dampen the sound of the air conditioning. Soundproofing in studios controls echoes and ambient sound so that the audio is clean and free of background noise. Climate control can contribute to background noise, so studios are often equipped with noiseless air conditioning—a benefit given the heat output from lighting.

While video production usually is not dangerous work, there are certain hazards. Commercial studios provide managed power in ample amounts, reducing the risk of shorts. You’re never left looking for outlets or wondering if you will overload a circuit. The space is designed for video production with plenty of room for people to move safely around lights and cameras. Many studios are also equipped with a lighting grid, which gets the lights and the cabling off the floor and out of the way. You can easily get the lights where you need them without risking injury to people, property, or your gear.

Renting a studio is a valuable way to manage risk to the success of your production, which translates into cost savings for you, a quality video, and a happy client. Because you shot in a controlled space, you greatly reduced the chance of unwanted surprises in your raw footage, which you typically won’t discover until you’re in the edit bay. You have eliminated ambient light and sound wreaking havoc on the quality of the audio and video, and thereby minimized costly and time-consuming post-production or the need to reschedule a shoot.