February 08, 2016

WestWorks Studios Connects the Dr. Phil Show to Kato Kaelin

One recent January evening, WestWorks Studios (WWS) unexpectedly received a call from the Dr. Phil Show. The show was going to do a feature on where the key players in the notorious OJ Simpson trial (which has re-emerged in the headlines due to the new FX docu-series called “The People vs OJ) are now. The show’s producers wanted to know if WWS could accommodate a live interview with Kato Kaelin – who was in Denver on business – via fiber the next day. WWS absolutely could and did.

Using their “MOD” or “modular” ReadySet (a WWS service that offers a range of configurable pre-built, pre-lit sets for quick production), the interview with Kato was able to be set up in 30 minutes. The interview was sent live to the Dr. Phil Show via a fiber feed. At the same time, the Dr. Phil Show sent a return feed back to WWS so that Kato could watch the show’s live studio audience in real-time. This episode of the Dr. Phil Show, “Behind the Scenes of the O.J. Simpson Trial,” aired February 1st at 4pm on CBS. Click here to check out clips from the show.

This type of project, called a “quick hit,” facilitates live remote interviews with actors, athletes, experts, etc. WWS is well-equipped for these types of production, offering connections via 4 popular fiber services as well as satellite, and can take production requests in as little as the same day. In addition to the Dr. Phil Show, WWS has also done quick hits for CNN, the Business News Network, PBS, the Colbert Report, and more. Please call WestWorks Studios at 800-491-1947 to learn more.