Centennial, CO
November 20, 2014

Quilting up a storm

by: Cora Palmer
Creative Lead

For the past eight days WestWorks Studios has been home base for ARJJ’s “The Quilt Show.” The show is in its 15th season, but is a newcomer to WWS. The ARJJ team was truly a joy to work with and I had the pleasure of sitting down with them to talk about their experience.

ARJJ Vice President and stage manager Justin Shults worked with our team for nearly a year in preparation for the transition and first production week. “I think anytime you make a move in production facilities there’s a little bit of apprehension … And I have to say that Todd and his team here at WestWorks have been amazing to work with.”

The ARJJ and WestWorks crew constructed a new set from existing WWS walls and flooring, applied a fresh coat of paint, and staged with ARJJ’s handpicked furniture and props. This is a larger set than The Quilt Show (TQS) had previously been on, and everyone enjoyed stretching out into the new space.

“To have someone step up and say, ‘let’s get it done,’ it makes the production so much easier and anybody coming to this facility I think is going to realize that same thing.”

Another advantage of the larger area was the ability to invite more guests to be a part of the live studio audience. The Quilt Show has an extremely loyal following, so giving more of their viewers the opportunity to come to a show taping really had an impact.

“The fact that WestWorks is located right outside Denver… makes it a prime location for all your guests that are going to come be on your show,” said Alex Anderson, TQS host and co-owner.

Over the course of 5 production days more than ten artists were featured, each with their own unique quilt work and techniques. My own family has a tradition of quilting, and I had never seen anything like these works of art. We were all absolutely blown away.

The best part of our week was working with the ARJJ team. They were lighthearted, easygoing, and the utmost professionals through long and busy days.

“I think everybody involved in production knows that it can be really stressful and tense, and there’s long days. We’ve done this show in two others studios prior this one, and this is the first set of tapings where I feel like at the end of the day I’m calm, I’m relaxed,” said host and co-owner Ricky Tims. “You’re going to feel comfortable, you’re going to be able to work within your budget and I’m telling you this is the place to come to.”

A big thanks goes out to all the crew members that worked so hard to make this week a success! You can learn more about The Quilt Show, and watch for these upcoming episodes, by going to www.TheQuiltShow.com.