September 22, 2015

Post Production: Beyond Splices and Cuts

by: Matt Small
Post Production Lead

Video production can be a complex process with many steps that have a profound influence on the final product. From staffing and shooting the production, to editing the footage and audio sweetening, every step impacts the ultimate creative product. Yet, of all the elements in the production process, post production is often one of the least understood, most overlooked and most important.

The goal of post production is to craft a polished gem from the raw production materials. This is where all of the elements of your project come together. These elements include the raw footage, b-roll, music, special effects, graphics and narration or voiceovers. For this reason, it is best to invest in this step by placing the project in experienced hands for maximum results.

A skilled editor is essential to the success of the post production process. While the software and hardware for post production is readily available, it is the experienced editor who brings your project to life. Just as a novelist employs tools, tactics, and strategies to create pacing, tone, and themes, so does an editor during post production. Editors, like novelists, are master storytellers.

Editors rely on skills and the available tools to be able to effectively communicate the client’s message and intent. Utilizing 3D animations, special effects, graphics, and sound editing, an editor can coordinate elements to enhance emotional appeal and elevate viewer interest. The influence of superior and consistent post production editing is as significant to a project as is the influence of poor, incongruent quality. It can make it. Or, it can break it.

When it comes to crafting the final product, an experienced editor will not only save time, but will also produce the finest piece possible. To accomplish this, an editor needs to maintain knowledge and expand skills for the tools of the trade, as well as to quickly establish rapport with clients. The mark of an excellent editor is one who is able to connect with the client and execute on the vision, regardless of how much information the client provides about the project. Editors will sustain open communication to keep pace, ensure accuracy, and keep clients informed of progress.

Consider the impact a professional editor has on your project, both financially and creatively, to that of an inexperienced editor. An experienced editor’s refined skills enable them to accomplish more in less time, reduce time-consuming revisions, and ultimately accelerate time-to-completion. Their skills and talent coalesce at the convergence of all of the elements of your production. The result of an editor’s craft is a project that executes your message in the most engaging and compelling manner.