July 29, 2015

Introducing: The Hard Cyc

by: Todd Smoots

As the saying goes, there is a tool for every job. We all know the assortment of useful, and the not-so-useful, tools available for video production professionals. Here at WestWorks Studios, we strive to simplify production. To that end, we recently completed construction of our new hard cyc. This versatile set can benefit all types of video productions in dozens of ways.

The hard cyc at WestWorks Studios is especially useful for promotional videos, product demonstrations, interviews, and commercials. The function and ability of a cyclorama to create infinite backgrounds and a sense of space helps isolate and emphasize the subject or product featured in the production.

Our new hard cyc features two 25-foot spans joined by a six-foot radius cove, and is 16-feet high. It is large enough to accommodate a car, a large group or number of subjects, or a sizable set configuration if needed. The cyc is located in our largest stage, providing ample workable area and room leftover for other sets. The cyclorama features a 16-foot high fixed lighting grid in a climate-controlled studio, making it one of the largest cycloramas in a climate-controlled studio in Colorado.

When you rent the ReadySet Cyc package, the cyc comes pre-lit and includes a lighting director and grip equipment. In addition to numerous lighting options, the cyc can be painted any color. The studio has ample power supply, a green room/talent lounge, and single- and multi-camera rental packages.

The hard cyc is a versatile tool to help enhance and simplify video production. Check out the video below to see the “making of” and the finished installation of the cyc.