July 15, 2015

The Importance of Video in Your Marketing Strategy

by: Todd Smoots

Today’s marketers have more opportunities than ever to communicate their message and engage with their customers. From television and print to digital, social, and mobile, there is no shortage of communication channels.

No single method is better than another, as marketing strategies must be comprised of a channel mix based on demographics, target audience, and budget, among other factors. There is, however, one method that time and again proves its value in any marketing strategy. Video.

Just the Facts

  • 92% of business-to-business customers watch online video[i]
  • 43% of business-to-business customers watch video when researching products and servicesi
  • 73% of shoppers are more likely to purchase after viewing a video about a product or service[ii]
  • YouTube averages 1 billion mobile video views per day[iii]
  • Video increases email click-through rate by 96%[iv]
  • Conversions increase by 80% when video is added to a landing page[v]
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly[vi]

More Than Just the Facts

These compelling video statistics present a solid case for its use alone, but beyond the facts, video has many advantages. Social media and social marketing are significant influencers amongst consumers. Sixty percent of social activity is carried out on mobile devices[vii] and videos are particularly effective in this space because they are easily shared across a variety of social platforms.[viii] Create and present rich videos and your content will have greater potential to spread exponentially.

Videos are also a critical component to search engine optimization (SEO). Videos increase search engine rankings, where they account for 70% of the top 100 search listings.[ix]

As a storytelling tool, videos are capable of communicating in ways other content cannot. A well-executed, professionally-produced video that balances visual and auditory elements can communicate better than any other format because of how quickly the human brain processes visual information.[x] The combined use of these elements creates an emotional connection with viewers, which can entertain and influence a connection with your message, product or service.

Content is King

This mixture of visual and auditory elements in video also enhances content consumption and makes information gathering easier and more efficient. Consequently, viewers retain more information from audio and visual stimulation than text, making them more likely to recall your brand, message, product, or service.[xi]

In today’s noisy world, standing apart from the crowd grows more and more challenging. Creating meaningful, thoughtful, and engaging video content can be one of the most beneficial tools to elevate your brand and foster a connection with your customers.

As critical as video is to your integrated marketing strategy, it is imperative that the content is on-target and resonates with your audience. Read Considerations for Producing Your Corporate Video for additional thoughts on effective video production.