September 05, 2018

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): Tech Summit 5.0

On August 15, WestWorks Studios was pleased to host the 2018 Tech Summit at our studios in Centennial. Industry leaders like Sony, Canon, AVID, AJA and more were on site to showcase the latest-and-greatest in video production and broadcast engineering technology.

The highlight of the event was the Keynote Presentation with Sonny Hutchison and Duke Hartman of High Noon Entertainment. WestWorks Studios has partnered with High Noon for two decades, and the audience was treated to a time capsule reel of some of their earliest programs like Unwrapped and Work in Progress. Then Hutchison and Hartman gave a history of how they went from start-up content creators at the beginning of the digital television era to the producers of some of today’s most popular shows like Cake Boss and Fixer Upper (which they pitched to HGTV several times before getting the green light!).

HDR (High Dynamic Range) was the subject of a highly attended panel moderated by WestWorks Studios’ Engineering Manager Robert Baker. Bryce Button of AJA Video Systems, AVID’s Michael Krulik, Michael Kovacevich of Sony, WestWorks’ Matt Small and Walt Husak of Dolby Labs filled out the expert line-up. Their discussion centered around the current status of HDR, concluding that despite more available tools on the market, with multiple competing technologies there is still no agreed-upon industry standard. Walt Husak also presented on Dolby Vision, giving an overview of the science behind this new technology—Dolby’s custom-built standard for HDR.

IP Video was another focus of experts at the event. A panel featuring AJA’s Bryce Button, Sony’s Deon LeCointe, Jeff Gouch of EVS, Chris Coghill of Evertz, Mark Whitman of LAWO, Steve Holmes of Tektronix and moderated by Tony Roccanova of Comcast Technology Solutions discussed the ongoing transition from SDI to IP and the technology behind the newest standard, SMTPE 2110. The group also delved into practical applications for IP and looked into their “crystal ball” to see where IP is headed in the future.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and to all our amazing speakers, panelists, and sponsors. Stay tuned next year for Tech Summit 6.0!

Click here to watch full-length videos of each presentation