May 16, 2016

Create a Modern Setting with Our New ReadySet Urban

by: Todd Smoots
Senior Production Manager

Our preconfigured, customizable, and accessible ReadySet solutions have been extremely popular with our clients. They have enhanced, yet simplified, many productions. ReadySet offers a high-quality set with a custom look without the time and cost required for a custom-built set. Recently, we added a new configuration to our ReadySet collection, called ReadySet Urban.

Comprised of a variety of walls and floor coverings, ReadySet Urban is an efficient solution for creating modern interior spaces with a hip and trendy flair. The walls feature textures such as reclaimed barn wood, concrete, river rock, a multi-depth cube pattern, and panels with “crystal” water drops that mimic rain on a window. Several hardwood floor coverings are available, along with columns of various textures, and factory or warehouse style windows.

ReadySet Urban set elements are flexible enough to provide appealing backgrounds for single camera shots, or for larger, more complex configurations required for a large space. When assembled, the elements evoke an urban or industrial feel with a repurposed look. The setting it creates is perfect for an office, a kitchen, a living area, or an entire apartment. Possibilities are limitless with the flexibility of the set elements.

How would you use ReadySet Urban to provide the perfect backdrop for your production?

All of our ReadySet solutions at WestWorks Studios provide quick access to high-quality, professional sets that are configurable to the needs of your project. Discover more about our ReadySet options or give us a call to learn how WestWorks Studios and ReadySet can enhance your production.