February 21, 2019

Control Room Update – SKYPE

This is a continuing series on updates to the West 1 Control Room. Click here to see the series overview.

One of the coolest new additions to WestWorks Control Room 1 is the NewTek Talk Show VS4000. This platform uses Skype TX to bring in up to 4 guests simultaneously in broadcast quality HD.

What sets this apart from your traditional Skype-over-laptop? To start, it can support 4 individual channels—not as a group chat, but as true individual sources. Producer talk back, interfaced with the control room’s Riedel partyline intercom system, can go to guests individually or collectively. And each source is recorded separately for archiving or post production.

The TalkShow is built for a professional environment. Pro connectivity—HD/SDI interface—and in-the-box audio and video processing elevate the video quality above any consumer-level video conferencing product.

Since this capability was introduced to WestWorks in 2018, we have hosted broadcasts with guests from California to London and around the world. During live employee broadcasts, it’s been a terrific tool for bringing in voices from the field and senior leaders that don’t have time to travel to the studio.

WestWorks is also capable of traditional live remotes, using satellite or fiber, and we’re in the process of standing up cellular-based streaming capabilities. But for those productions where you need a quick connection without much setup time—just a laptop with Skype installed—the NewTek TalkShow is the perfect tool.

Stay tuned for the next update – The Sony XVS-7000 4 M/E Switcher.