May 19, 2015

Considerations for producing your corporate videos

by: Todd Smoots

Call them what you will—marketing videos, branding videos, seminars, webinars, training videos or product demos—but most organizations need a corporate video at some point. Statistics support the demand for and effectiveness of video in a business strategy. According to a survey by Forbes, 75% of the senior executives surveyed watch business-related videos on a weekly basis. 65% of these have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video of their product or service. On the consumer side, MediaPost reports that 57% of consumers say that product videos increase their confidence in purchasing the product.

Unfortunately, producing a video can be a daunting task full of unknowns and uncertainties. But, like any other project, planning is the key to success. Before you hire a production company or agency to assist, be sure to evaluate the following considerations.

The Audience
Knowing your target audience is the most important component of any communications project. Corporate videos are no exception. Talking to executives or investors is quite different from talking to your customers, frontline employees, or your sales staff. Identify your audience early and understand how best to reach them.

The Messaging
Once you have identified your audience, you need to develop your messaging—what it is you need to say. Messaging is more than conveying talking points or facts and figures; this is your chance to tell a story and make a meaningful connection.

The Pacing
Video is an effective way to communicate your brand and your business. Short, concise vignettes are the predominant fare nowadays. But, if your video is to be more than several minutes long, keep it interesting and engaging by changing the pace with changes in music, graphics, and talent.

The Script
Communicating via video is different from communicating via written word, or even speaking. For this reason, consider hiring a scriptwriter to effectively translate your idea and messaging into a visual medium. If a scriptwriter does not fit into your budget, assign the task to one person to maintain consistency, rather than writing “by committee.”

The Production
Budget is always a concern for every video production project, but perhaps the best investment you can make towards the success of your video project is to hire a production company.  A production company has craft professionals with many years of experience. They can help translate your vision to a video medium with storyboarding/scripting, talent management, shooting, editing, and distribution to the proper formats. Video production is a sophisticated and often complicated process; the results of amateurish production on your video can have negative effects on its desired outcome. Simply enlisting a production company’s services can ameliorate many of your concerns and challenges.

With the abundance of statistics available on the increasing use of video in marketing and branding, and its influence on consumer behavior, there is little doubt of its importance and effectiveness in any business marketing strategy.  With a carefully conceptualized idea and a thoughtful execution plan, you too could be harnessing the influence of video. A professional video production company further enhances the process, bringing experience, knowledge and efficiency to your corporate video project.