December 15, 2018

Behind the Scenes: LAWO Board

This is a continuing series on updates to the Control Room 1. Click here to see the series overview.

Drumroll, please!

In our first Control Room 1 update, we’re excited to highlight our new audio control board – the LAWO mc256.

This board comes with big-time capabilities and built-in features to ensure the best quality for every signal. The 48-fader control surface has multiple touch screens (and lots of pretty lights), making it easy to take care of complex mixing, routing, and processing.

But this board is more than just good looks. It’s got guts, too: The 64 x 64 AES (digital) and 64 x 64 Analog router comes standard and the Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) allows us to route up to 64 channels of audio into 512 different options for output. Dynamics packaging is built into every input/output, effect, and EQ channel. The coolest feature may be the internal digital signal processing (DSP). The DSP mathematically manipulates every source of audio to create the highest quality sound possible.

The board is paired with the LAWO “V Line Pro,” which boasts 8 HD SDI embedder/de-embedders, allowing us to pair up to 16 channels of audio per video stream without the need for extra equipment. Having this capability in one compact piece of equipment helps us to better manage synchronization and workflow efficiency.

The board is networked, allowing for remote setup, troubleshooting, and even operation, through the LAWO “soft master panel.” This means we can make adjustments on-the-fly without interfering with live productions, and we’ve got a “virtual audio board” on any screen.

The LAWO mc256 brings us new capabilities for studio productions with many audio sources. Its built-in dynamics packaging and digital signal processing mean higher quality from the get-go. And, its built for an IP production workflow, making it relevant for years to come.

Stay tuned for the next update – the Skype-enabled NewTek Talk Show VS4000.